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Low-poly Smooth Beveling

A Beveling which requires only a single face added in place of an edge, while still providing a smooth result.

This is not related to my Bevel Shader, this is not even a Shader effect. Its actually quite simple and effective. Still haven't found any videos of how to do this in Blender, but there should be, I can't be the only one who thought of this.

I made my own tool for modifying meshes in Unity to do some kinky stuff. And with that tool, as shown in the video below, I can select Dominant Corners. Basically when mesh is rebuild, I calculate a normal for the triangle, and if one of it's edges is marked as Dominant, a vertex point at that edge will use the normal of the triangle instead of the average. Here is the highly technical and scientific graphic that explains the process:

Blue is the normal direction of a face, and red are the normal vectors which will actually be stored with vertices. Obviously (for those who know what I'm talking about) that this is true for smoothed mesh, and that is actually the mesh we want to produce. Even more then that, it will still work with shared vertices - so while producing a nice smoothly Beveled mesh, you are also lowering vertex count. And detecting which edges are Beveled automatically is not that hard, so there is now a button to do this.

Hopefully will become a part of ProBuilder Unity Asset soon.

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