RROP 2. Default D&D Adventure


This adventure easily scales for every level and theme - pick the correct out of 3 options to match the kickassery of your campaign.

Sidenote: This is more of a joke/experiment article rather than a serious offering.


In a Village/Town/City, you see a tavern.

The bartender is a human/half-ork/fairy who informs the party that the local Baronet/Marquess/Emperor offers 50g/3000g/Parcel of Land for finding and saving his Mother/Princess/Demigod Patron from an Old Dungeon/Dark Dungeon/Dungeon of a mage.

Online Play

If your players are not in the same room, the tavern may no longer satisfy the immersion building purpose, as the players haven't arrived at the same table searching for an adventure. Instead, each character starts at their respective home, doing its usual thing. Ask players to describe what their PCs are usually doing. The messenger comes/mage arrives at the doorstep/ a portal opens which takes them to the quest giver's location.

Party is heading to a quest giver's home.

Possible street event table:

1: An urchin/assassin/devil tries to steal a chunk of one character's gold/hair/soul. DC15 Wisdom (Perception) to notice.

2: Trader is offering to sell a few magic potions on the way.

3-5: No Events.

6: Encounter someone from players' backstories.

As the party approaches the residence of the local ruler, guards are asking them to wait, as he is milking cow/executing a criminal/prolonging his life through a divine sacrificial ritual. He greats the characters as he washes his hands from milk/blood/milk & blood. He welcomes them to sit at the table and have some milk/wine/cupcakes. If the party shows kindness and eagerness to do good, the ruler may reward them with a single magic item. Pick one and give it to an honest character. It could be something that benefits the entire party.

On the road

As the party journeys to their destinations, an encounter happens with a couple/group/army of bandits/bandits/bandits led by a leader who asks for gold as a toll for the passage. Players have a choice between diplomacy or killing the bandits.


After slaughtering the bandits and collecting their rusted swords and clothes to the total carrying capacity of their characters, the party continues.

Whenever they take a short or long rest, roll d20 every hour. On a roll of 1 during the day and 1-3 during the night, the party is attacked by:

Night attackers:

  1. Owlbear

  2. Werewolf

  3. Goblins

  4. Swarm of insects

  5. Giant boar

  6. Cyclops

Day attackers:

  1. Troll

  2. Giant boars

  3. Ogre

  4. Orks

  5. Bugbears

  6. Giant poisonous snakes

The Dungeon

Bones of countless heroes lie by the entrance to Dungeon. Massive bludgeoning impacts badly damage armour on them. Teeth mark the size of a fist. The door is magical, and any efforts to open them forcefully will result in 2d8 skeletons rising from the remains scattered around. The only way to open the door is to solve a puzzle on it:

"Your reaches will open the door."

The door has copper, silver and gold piece and some gemstones. Under each is chalk and a board/mechanical dial/alien technology with a number that allows inputting a value, and there is a button to submit the result.

To solve the puzzle, players need to input the number of respective currencies they have in total. Players don't have to count, only say their characters do. If any of the characters has a secret stash on them, DM should prompt them to disclose this.

On each failed attempt to solve the puzzle, roll a d12. On 1, Chimera attacks the party, and if it is defeated, the doors open.

To be continued.