Sep 28, 2017

Business Plan


Edited: Sep 28, 2017

It will take a lot of time to polish this Asset, but at the same time it is very cool, and innovative. So I'm thinking, publishing free version for people who want to start experimenting with it. And later, making payed asset: a wide range of shaders for those, who want to use technology in their project.

In my mind I never have any problems with buying something I can make myself, if it will save me some time. And I think most people who can afford buying assets have similar mindset: even though you can make a shader you need by changing example that comes with free version, priced asset will bring more options and automation.

New Posts
  • Since edge smoothing will now be automated and UV will come from world space, plus edges with UV seam can be detected from CPU, mesh could be saved in form of vertices and triangles list only, and reconstructed on object initialisation.
  • Yesterday in a bus I came up with better way to smooth. Instead of giving each vertex 2 normal vectors, it will have to be 4. One for each edge, one for area around the vertex, and one for the plane itself. Or, the 4th parameter could be weight, instead of packing it with color. Vector values will be as follows: edge vectors will be written in the same positions for adgasent vectors. Vertex normal will have negative power value, and in position as opposing edge. Two edges will have power of 1 so they will quicly fade due to negative value of the opposite one, where the sharp normal in 4th position will be visible.
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