Jan 2, 2018

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  • TSD is a thing I have been working on for a while, now I want to rebuild it on a single idea: project and version independent content. And it's more about story and logic triggers, not the environment. It's sort of a new standard of storing data, which doesn't really rely on any particular standard too much. And it only stores data which is different from default. Usually it would take some coding to make puzzle or interaction, but with that basic trigger system it could be done trough inspector. Tag system let's user link specific boolean values to tags and tags between each other. And by each tag a list of objects can be obtained. I'm writing this mainly to organize it all nicely in my own head. Even though there are quite a few elegant solutions in this concept, ideas like this are good only when technical implementation can be summed up in one clear vision. 1) In it's core stands a variable tree, so any object have avery single parameter, uninitialised. So there is no types and classes. And parameter doesn't need to have a name. 2) There is no scene, everything is loaded as player moves from place to place. And there are parenting objects that load it's detail when player is close enough. 3) Things are saved and loaded using unilink tags. Unrecognised data will be skipped. 4) Any interaction can be abbandoned at any moment and resumed. 5) System can be expended by adding more classes derrived from base control lasses. All data has it's Pegi functions. A very ambitious vision is in it's final form, you'll be able to open your phone, run the app and edit your world, then just update it like any other file on your server. New variables ang logic will be added, and users will not need to update their app to access it. Classes will be able to provide its methods in form of tags. PEGI functions will allow them to select what kind of data will be provided to a function. This way prefab can take any form with it's code, and be pooled. Any behaviour can be stored in form of a tag|size|data| format. World is independant of prefab and scene. Most of the world's content will be constructed on the go. Instead of word Page I should make full use of infinite universe class and have nodes separated by scale instantiate stuff by scale. Not have it as a part of core system, but as an implementation of it. Nodes could be saved in folders in their tree view. Nodes can have outside links to another server. NESTED SERIALISATION Another part of this is selecting the default state. Creating another.
  • This is a memento for self. Story file could also contain images, that are stored in form of strokes that PlaytimePainter will repeat to recreate the texture.
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