The Decay game from a while back. One of the first things I ever created. Here I will list some mechanics used in making Top-Down shooting enjoyable. 

  • Smooth bullet spread: More then one bullet can be shot in between frames, depending on the frame rate. So the function will distribute those bullets between the current and the following frame and displace them so it will not look like a few of them leave the barrel at the same time. It makes fast change in direction feel smoother, and all targets between those directions can be hit....

Shader is a code that is executed by your Graphics Processing Unit, (GPU) . If you are a programmer who is planning to write his first shader, or a designer, who feels like taking some additional control over visuals, here is one way to understand the computational power you have at your disposal:

Think of your processor, Central Processing Unit - CPU as a very fast guy, who has a calculator and can do almost everything he is told to do. But he can do one single thing at a time. When you hear that a CPU has a bunch of cores it means that there are...

Can’t remember the exact source where I first heard of this, but I still feel like it is one of the main things to keep in mind when designing a game or even an app in general. 

If you remember Quick-Time-Events - a decent tool to make player feel engaged in a cutscene. It still appears in many games, but after Fahrenheit, Cold Rain, that other one, and now The Telltale series, I still see QTEs here and there, but only when there’s no better way to improve interactivity.

In general, the more player feels like he is simply reacting to what is hap...

If you see a code like:  

VariableTree tree = new VariableTree();

tree[10] = 2;

tree[150] = tree[10]+2;

It may look strange, like we are missing something, and this code would create an error, but it’s ok 👌 actually. Those are special tree 🌲 classes which stand in the center of new Just Add Story asset I’m working on. Instead of binary trees it uses trees with larger branches. Which means that to store a value of a single array element number 300, it will create a tree with depth of 3 with branches which can contain 8 branches inside (8*8*8 = 512). Custom serializ...

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